17 mayo 2011


Cuando tecleas el título de esta entrada en la red, encuentras páginas perfectas para aprender cómo cosas que utilizas o ves fuera de clase, se explican a través de la Química.

¡Ay! se me olvidaba que somos bilingües

Ok, I have chosen these two videos, which I find very interesting.
Listen to each one carefully. At the end, answer the questions that appears in each introductory text.

The Science of Chocolate

Take a look into the interesting process of chocolate making. Where does chocolate come from? Find out with this video which explains the science of chocolate. Learn the difference between white chocolate and dark chocolate, what cocoa pods look like, where cocoa trees grow best, how cocoa beans are turned into cocoa powder and cocoa butter, what ingredients are added in the chocolate making process, how the perfect crystal structures are formed and more. Enjoy learning about the chemistry of chocolate with this great science video.

The Science of Fireworks

Learn about the science of fireworks with this awesome video. How do fireworks work? Where do the cool colors come from? What makes the big explosions?

Answer these questions and more by checking out a range of cool chemistry experiments using some of the chemicals found in fireworks such a magnesium, potassium chloride, lithium chloride, and barium sulphate. Enjoy this chemistry video and learn more about the fun topic of fireworks.

Is it posible that exists a person who doesn´t love chemistry?

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